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Commercial/Industrial Solar

Minimum Building Requirements:
Virtually any commercial or industrial facility with roof, car park, and available ground space of 50,000 square feet or more.
Why Should You Choose HouseMOT:
Because HouseMOT clients reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint with ZERO cost and ZERO maintenance cost. We GUARANTEE that Commercial and industrial operations will save a minimum of 20% on their current energy costs. Additionally, we provide real-time energy monitoring and maintenance services throughout the entire term of the contract for all installed equipment.

Our process


The process begins with a signed Energy Use Survey Agreement. Our energy use survey captures the critical attributes of all energy consuming equipment in the facility, the facility attributes, and historical and current monthly energy consumption and costs.

Our energy engineers evaluate the energy consumption data and develop site-specific solutions for maximum energy reduction, production, and storage.

The report is a comprehensive summary of survey results, the scope of work, and financial analysis. The report details the installation of energy reduction and energy production system specifications. It includes comparing measurable energy use and cost savings before and after. 

Our certified contractor partner network will install all projects.

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