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5 danger signals that should be included in your property snag list

House MOT are experienced virtual property specialists that can help you compile a snag list as part of our property MOT service.

But what is a snag list? And why would you need one?

A snag list is a bit like a final checklist for your new build or newly purchased property. To check everything is up to scratch and flag any indications of potential property issues in the future.

So take a look below to see 5 danger signals that might indicate your property requires attention.

1. Take a good look at your walls

Whilst cracks may seem normal, they can be a significant red flag, and it’s always good to get them looked at by a specialist. And with House MOT, you can get the advice of an expert at your convenience. Part of our services include a virtual property MOT and allows you to see your property issues firsthand. Harmless or foundational, cracks in the wall should be monitored and catalogued as part of your snag list.

2. Keep an eye out for leaks of any kind

Guttering leaks are common, easily fixed and easily missed too. They are often low on the property maintenance list for landlords and homeowners, but they can pose more of a problem than you might think (if left untreated). Mould and mildew grow and over time, wood rots. It’s little things like this that make a snag list so important.

And leaks arent always visible – Sometimes they can look like a yellowish tinge to cupboards and flooring. Over time they can develop into more noticeable issues like green copperish build-up and/or calcifying pipes often near the radiator. Leaks can turn from a nuisance into a serious problem surprisingly quickly and that’s why it’s important to document on a snag list and get it sorted before it has the chance to turn into an issue.

3. Have you noticed any irregularities in the flooring?

Perhaps tiles and grout are loose? Slightly warped lino? Insecure flooring is often a sign that it was laid incorrectly and therefore may present uniquely problematic issues in the future. For example, if laid without underlay, this could cause issues with damp and wood rot of floorboards/support beams (especially if located in the bathroom). Once you begin to notice spongey and/or sinking floorboards, it’s too late for preventative measures and you will likely have an expensive repair on your hands.

Another feature to include on a snag list is cracks and unlevel flooring. Unlevel flooring can have a number of causes. But one of those causes can be disastrous to a property. Significant foundational issues often present as sloping and/or cracked flooring and it’s important to address this early on before anyone moves in.

Crack in wall | Snag list House MOT

4. Keep an eye on the doors

If you’ve noticed the doors are increasingly difficult to open or close and seem more stiff than normal, this is something to include on a snag list. This could be a sign the door may require replacing or an indication that the door hasn’t been installed at an even level. From faulty mechanisms to weak foundations and settling, doors can tell you a surprising amount about your property.

That’s why it’s important to include on your snag list and is inspected as part of our virtual property assessment.

5. Look out for any discolouration

Discolouration may not seem like a big deal, and some landlords/homeowners may simply repaint to cover the stain. But discolouration is often a sign that there is some sort of issue and should always be included as part of the snag list. Discolouration of poly-sealant and rubber seals (eg fridge and freezer seals) are normal with everyday wear and tear but are an indication that they need replacing either now or in the near future (especially if the property is a new build).

A snag list is part of your property MOT

A snag list is an integral part of any property assessment and is a great way to flag any potential issues and prevent them from becoming a bigger problem. This is the principle that House MOT was founded upon. Every resident is entitled to a safe, warm and comfortable house that feels like home!

And it is much easier to fix those small flags that feature on the snag list than bigger property issues in the future. See our blog to learn more about the importance of the virtual house MOT.

Whether you’re looking for a virtual property MOT or to compile a snag list for your home, House MOT is happy to help!

You can browse our full range of services here or simply get in touch with our team of virtual property specialists to answer any questions or queries.

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