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EPC Retrofitting

HouseMOT will evaluate your property and supply an energy report outlining key issues which need to be addressed. These will include insulation, heating, and energy costs. This free energy report will enable you to pinpoint areas that are most urgent to improve. Your home, either owned or rented, is evaluated by an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) which most properties in the UK require for renting or selling.
Depending on the report outcome, you may be eligible for an ECO4 energy saving grant of up to £30,000 to make your home more efficient.
Solar panels, heat pumps, electric heating and insulation are all available to help reduce your bills.

Solar Farms & Battery Storage

HouseMOT are currently searching for locations for our solar and battery storage investments. If you are a landowner who would like more information on what we can offer and the process, we would love for you to contact us to discuss a potential partnership. More than 5 acres of Grade 3-5 agricultural land that has a grid connection nearby could be the ideal location for a large-scale solar installation. If you have a smaller amount of land, then a battery storage asset might be a more suitable option. This will generate income while reducing your carbon footprint. At HouseMOT , we are also keen to speak to developers to discuss forming a partnership through decarbonisation projects.

Why Choose HouseMOT:

  • Receive a secure income from your land which is paid per acre, making it simple to plan your finances.  
  • Our team of experts will make sure to keep the whole process quick and simple, using our experience and streamlined business model.  This ensures safe installation while doing no damage to the environment.  
  • With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, we will ensure to always maximise the value of your land while helping to achieve the Net Zero target. 
  • Our dedicated customer service team will be with you throughout the process.  Any queries, no matter how small, will be dealt with in a timely, professional manner. 
  • All equipment provided, installed, and maintained at no cost meaning zero financial risk to you. 

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