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House MOT

Our flagship service where you are guided around your home by one of our virtual property specialists who will survey any faults, damages, or issues around your home.

About House MOT

House MOT is the brainchild of our director Tim Martin. Conceived whilst working within his construction business, Tim identified that his handyman team were frequently called out to repair property damages after they had happened, providing remedial works were required.

With 100% of repairs, Tim and the team found that there were always tell-tale signs that could have been picked up before the problem escalated, but without a house assessment or some sort of property or “Home MOT” service, how would anybody be expected to know?

Our surveys and reports

All surveys are reviewed and signed off by a member of our leadership team prior to receiving your report, to confirm the quality and accuracy of any assessment provided. Your House MOT report will contain images of the problems in your home, along with a detailed analysis of each fault, ordering any advised works by urgency so that will you know which problem will need to be addressed first.


Certification is earnt by maintaining a healthy home, we therefore visit every 1 in 50 properties in person to maintain quality assurance.

You will receive a follow up call from one of our advisors who will talk through the report and offer further guidance to complete any remedial works, you can do this yourself or we can provide the option of free quotations to fix any issues, it’s entirely up to you.

Our Process

Follow the House MOT process to create your account and get booking today.

Cancellation request

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