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All surveys are reviewed for quality and accuracy by a member of our leadership team prior to receiving your report, to confirm the quality and accuracy of any assessment provided. Your House MOT report will contain images of the problems in your home, along with a detailed analysis of each fault, ordering any advised works by urgency so that will you know which problem will need to be addressed first. Certification is earnt by maintaining a healthy home, we therefore visit every 1 in 50 properties in person to maintain quality assurance.
After supplying you with the report, you will receive a follow-up call from one of our advisors who will talk you through the report and offer further guidance to help you complete any remedial works. We empower you to either complete these yourself, or we can give you free quotations to fix any issues – it’s entirely up to you.

Our Process

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Why book with us?

The UK housing sector is failing us all. New homeowners and landlords along with conventional structural surveyors fail to mention small issues around the property They are not liable for missed items and do not supply photographs. Undertaking structural surveys with no liability and no mention of smaller issues around the property, and for tenants, with rogue landlords letting out properties unfit for purpose and even causing health issues in some cases.
Let us relieve any stresses related to your property and book with our specialists today.

How we can help...

Problems in and around the property are often overlooked and can easily lead to larger scale issues and more costly repairs. To prevent this, we have grown and nurtured our unique range of services to cover your property needs, servicing homeowners, tenants, landlords, estate agents and property developers alike.

Let us relieve any stresses related to your property and book with our specialists today.

Our mission…

To give you peace of mind that your property is a healthy home.

We want to help you save time and money; by knowing which issues are more likely to become larger, more costly repairs, and having the knowledge to remedy these with “Prevention” rather than “Cure”.

Our Services

House MOT

House MOT

Our VIRTUAL, flagship, comprehensive surveying service.

The House MOT is our flagship service where you are guided around your house by one of our virtual property specialists.

Our surveyors will be taking on board any faults, damages, or issues around your home as they construct a detailed report in order of severity for you to look over and review.

Building Snag Lists

We know on building projects of any size that little details are missed, or standards are unintentionally dropped in certain areas around your project or developments.
House MOT will survey your project/site to find those “little jobs” that are often missed, and provide you with a full report, helping you to maintain excellent customer service.

Expert House Viewing

House viewings can be stressful and time consuming, and often considered one of the most expensive and emotionally tied purchases you will make.
We can attend house viewings virtually on your behalf in conjunction with your estate agent.
We will provide you with a full report on each property whilst identifying any potential issues that you should be aware of before committing to your new purchase.


This is so we can give you the most accurate pricing for the size of your property and we tailor the property survey to your requirements, whether you are a homeowner or landlord.

How exactly does your Virtual Survey work?

The virtual survey works through a video call, whereby our surveyors guide the homeowner or tenant around their property to assess any issues around the home. It’s a very sensory experience, guided with open and closed questions, we capture images of each problem ready for the House MOT report. All virtual surveys are recorded for the data to be processed with our proprietary technology.

We are a RICS Tech partner, based upon our service & proprietary software. We are also a member of Federation of master builders.
Our surveyors have real life construction/building trade experience, using proprietary technology to diagnose any issue; a world’s first.
With the new legislation due to released, based upon the government white paper titled ‘A fairer private rented sector’ a form of House MOT is required to ensure the health of your tenants based upon the environment of your home. The average maintenance costs per rental home in the UK is £2800 per year, by completing a House MOT and acting upon the report, we have found that over the next 12 months it is very likely that you will save money on unnecessary repairs and increase your yields by now working with a prevention vs cure ethos.
Yes, that would have been the case, however it would have most likely been a ‘structural survey.’ This would not necessarily identify the smaller issues in the home which usually lead to larger issues or emergency callouts. Of course, when selling a home, the seller wouldn’t necessarily want issues to be found as this could hamper the sale. So, how accurate is the report? Whereby, the House MOT ethos is all about prevention over cure, with our clients being the centre of our business.
We have clients of all types, estate agents, homeowners, and tenants. Please see Google for reviews.
Using our booking form, simply enter each address and only one payment is required when ready to complete your purchase. We are here for you learn about new legal compliance, our service will not be detrimental to your current workloads or business outgoings. House MOT are here to support you as a partner.
We typically find between 8-12 issues per assessment. After you have received the report, you will receive a follow up call from one of our advisors to discuss your House MOT report and offer any further guidance to complete any remedial works.
House MOT’s services were created before the government white paper ‘A fairer private rented sector,’ was published. We are working within government requirements to provide a fair, efficient service to help all parties involved in the rental markets.

Changes to the UK’s housing stock to ensure that all rental properties are ‘safe, warm and well kept,’ and to ensure that all tenants health is safeguarded. Please see the following link on the government website to find out more:

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