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How Often Should I Have A Home Assessment To Check For Potential Issues?

A check up is an essential part of taking care of your valuable possessions. Whether that’s a MOT to check your car’s condition, a check up at the vets for your beloved furry friends or even a health assessment for your own wellbeing, taking care of what’s important is a no brainer.  We should always find time to give what we love some extra TLC. Your property is no exception. 

Whether it’s your family home, holiday home or a property you rent out, every property is special and deserves to be treated accordingly. A home assessment is a great way to start. 

With House MOT, the UK’s first virtual survey specialist, we are able to offer high quality, extensive property MOT’s whenever it best suits you. 

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So, how does that work?

House MOT’s professional property MOT’s are an easy yet effective way to health check your home at your own pace. 

While we know a home assessment is one of the easiest yet effective things you can do to care for your property, we also know that not everybody has the time in their busy day on day lives to let a surveyor inspect every inch of their home. This results in home assessments being at the bottom of the to do list, or not on the list altogether. 

House MOT’s property MOT’s are here to change that. By making home assessments easier, quicker and more convenient for everybody, while still providing the same expert service you would get from a normal house surveyor, home assessments are achievable again. 

House MOT’s virtual property MOT uses technology to give you ease of use at any time that suits you best. Due to experience and expertise, our experts will be able to inspect, judge and make accurate incisive judgments of the health of your home through the House MOT app. This means you receive a specialist service without us ever having to bother you at your property, using up your precious time.  

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How can a home assessment benefit you?

There’s plenty of benefits to a home assessment. To start with, they are one of the most effective ways of identifying issues and potential problems fast, meaning you can keep your property in top condition and at optimum value. 

Our property MOT has been effective for many property owners, helping to weed out problems from the inside – out. Past home assessments have shown structure issues by evaluating wall cracks and uneven floor boards. They have identified roofing issues that may have caused homeowners a bigger, more expensive job down the line if not taken care of. They have found electrical faults and safety hazards that needed attention before anybody was hurt, and have got to the root cause of an out of control mould growth. 

Whatever your house’s issue or hidden problems, our experts will identify and report any and all, then advise the best course of treatment or solution to combat the concern. House MOT’s virtual surveys have saved many homeowners a great deal of grief and misfortune down the line! 

This begs the question, how often should you be getting a home assessment? 

House MOT’s property MOTs expire after a year.

We believe 365 days is a long enough time for a household to go without a health check. Homes change everyday, and new things are constantly introduced and changes are forever being made. The simplest new addition, such as a new hairdryer or new heater can contribute to the condensation levels and cause damp and mould. Even if you are careful with what you bring into your home, the outside weather has no remorse and will damage your home. Remember, materials don’t last forever either. Homes can obtain a leaky pipe, roofing can decay and wood can rot at any point during the course of a year. 

An assessment a year keeps your home in the clear!

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However, there are key times where you should consider a home assessment sooner. 

If you’re having your home valued to go onto the market, you’re moving into a new property or you’re about to settle in new tenants, you should consider a home assessment as soon as possible. Even if you believe there is nothing wrong with the property, our experts have a beady eye and knowledge of hidden problems. We can guarantee we’ll identify any issues that may be a problem for your new tenants or new owners, and help solve any issues that may bring the value of your home down. 

To make sure there’s no sneaky surprises in your property, get in touch with House MOT to book a property MOT now. Don’t wait, book your home assessment today! 

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