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House MOT was founded by a group of forward thinking, client focused tradespeople and property specialists.

What is the legislation?

Proposed revisions to the Renters Reform Bill (RRB), scheduled to be approved at a government roundtable soon, will require all landlords to have their homes certified as “safe, warm and well kept” or their properties will be illegal to let to tenants.

House MOT provide a host of solutions to clients across the rental sector, ultimately saving you money; by addressing works pre-emptively whilst improving the health and happiness of tenants.

How do we help landlords?

We help provide the accreditation and validation that your home is of a ‘safe, warm and well kept’ condition. Our documentation is seen by our clients very much like a vehicle MOT, whereby the health and maintenance of your property being reported gives that extra reassurance when coming to sell your asset.

Property Maintenance

Maintaining a property costs on average 1% of the housing value per year. On average this is £2784..

Average cost of maintenance works after a House MOT is £1609.12. (Based on 10 properties P.A.)

Average House MOT cost for 10 x properties is £287.95.

£2784 – £287.95 – £1609.12 = £886.93 savings per year on average.

Figures from Central Government, landlord, HGH building & landscaping.

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What benefits does a House MOT offer landlords and tenants?


We offer a form of licensing to landlords, certifying that their home is of correct condition. Additionally, our report identifies any issues within the home including all ‘small jobs’ maintaining a prevention vs cure ethos and increasing yield by reducing maintenance costs.


The House MOT is the foundation to ensuring the health of your home and the tenants that live at the property. Our reports and certification offer reassurance to tenants who are applying to rent a new property.

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