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Property MOT – 4 Signs Your Home Might Need One!

Why should you consider a property MOT? 

Every home needs some TLC now and then. When it comes to owning a property, there is always a wall to paint or hole to fill. Minor problems are quickly spotted and easily fixed, but it’s hard to know when it’s time to hire a professional to dive a little deeper and weed out those hidden issues that often go unnoticed. Firstly, these services are often expensive and secondly, it’s hard to find the time in everyday life for this to happen. Not to worry…House MOT is your answer!

Quick, easy and stress free, House MOT gives you the option of surveying your property virtually, in your own time and at your own pace. Here are 4 signs that indicate it may be time to contact House MOT, so that you can give your property the extra attention it needs and deserves.


1. House character

While you may think the creaky, uneven floorboards that have been there since you moved in are historic, or the crack in the wall that’s never grown in size gives your home character, they’re often warning signs that something bigger is going on. Questioning the abnormalities in your property, even if they’ve never caused you a problem, can help catch bigger issues before they arise. There’s a reason these so-called quirks came to be in your house in the first place and they’re usually a product of a slow burning issue, like a moving house. Our property MOT helps not only identify why you have these issues in your home and what they mean, but spot any others that may have become a normal oddity to you.

Property mot crack in the wall

2. Ancient electrics

Electrics can be a major problem if an issue is left to worsen and unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to tell if something is wrong until the worst happens. To combat this, pay attention to how well your switches and sockets work. Are they reliable? Do they look old or outdated? Both are major indicators that they not only will need replacing, but also may not meet current safety standards. Catching this issue early will make rewiring quicker and easier than electrics that have been left to burn out.


3. The outside in

A key feature that is often forgotten but undoubtedly one of the most important things about a property is the roof. The whole purpose of a property is to keep you safe and dry. If your roof is not in top shape, problems can begin to appear. Gaping holes or out of place tiles can be a sign that your property is at risk of leaking or rotting or that it is unstable. House MOT’s experts identify the issues and suggest the best courses of action. Taking care of your property from the outside will reduce the issues on the inside, and keep a protective roof over your head. It all starts with a property MOT!

Property mot rain on roof

4. Grow plants, not mould

Spotting mould growing around your property is not only unpleasant but a key indicator that something else is going on. While mould alone is not a huge issue, what’s causing that mould to grow is what should worry you. This could be down to a number of things, the most common being that your property has damp or areas that need more ventilation. Opting for a property MOT can help you weed out what the exact issue is so that you can target that mould effectively and eliminate it right at the source.

Property mot pants on windowsil

It’s always a good idea to have your property professionally assessed. Whether it’s because you’re a landlord making sure your property is fit for tenancy,  a new homeowner not wanting to deal with issues down the line or you just haven’t given your home some proper love and attention in a few years, a property MOT can identify problems and issues before they arise. Affordable, easy and done in your own time, a virtual property MOT can save you money and precious time while still being convenient to you. Get in touch with House MOT here to see how our property MOT can help you, or browse our other services here to see how to keep your home healthy.

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