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House MOT

House MOT

The House MOT is our flagship service where you are guided around your house by one of our virtual property specialists.

Our surveyors will be taking on board any faults, damages, or issues around your home as they construct a detailed report in order of severity for you to look over and review.

Building Snag Lists

We know on building projects of any size that little details are missed, or standards are unintentionally dropped in certain areas around your project or developments.
House MOT will survey your project/site to find those “little jobs” that are often missed, and provide you with a full report, helping you to maintain excellent customer service.

Expert House Viewing

House viewings can be stressful and time consuming, and often considered one of the most expensive and emotionally tied purchases you will make.
We can attend house viewings virtually on your behalf in conjunction with your estate agent.
We will provide you with a full report on each property whilst identifying any potential issues that you should be aware of before committing to your new purchase.

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