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What is the difference between a home MOT and a house survey?

Your property is one of your most expensive assets and it’s incredibly important you take good care of it. Being aware of potential issues and problems will help you maintain the property’s value, and allows you to keep the home as safe and secure as possible for those that call it home. Despite many knowing this information, the majority of the population will only ever have their home surveyed twice during ownership. Once before they buy, and once before they sell.

A car can receive an MOT and service once a year in order to keep it in top working order. Just like a car, your property has a few options to help keep it healthy. From the classic house survey to the lesser-known home MOT, property owners have some great options readily available to help give their property some TLC.

So, what option is best for your home inspection? Whether you know the ins and outs of a house survey, want to know more about a home MOT, or just want to get clued up on what options are out there, you’re in the right place. Here is a detailed breakdown of the difference between a home MOT and a house survey.

House survey

A house survey is a deep-dive assessment of a property, usually conducted before buying or selling a home. These surveys are carried out by a professional who will assess the property in question to provide you with a detailed report of the property’s strengths and weaknesses. This is a great way to gear yourself up with all the information you need to make an informed decision on a property and is also a sure way to secure a home’s value (if the report has good results)

A house survey is assessed on 3 levels

Level 1 – Condition report
Level 2 – Condition report and homebuyers report
Level 3 – Building survey

The level you choose to assess a property on is mainly down to the condition of the house at first glance, how old it is, and how cautious you are. The higher the level, the more detail you’ll receive in the report to give you an overall better judgment on a property. Of course, the higher the levels, the higher the price too. A level 3 house survey can be anywhere between £600 – £1000.

As shown, house surveys can often prove expensive. This is one of the main reasons most homeowners will only ever opt for a house survey when they really need it – buying or selling. This leaves the in-between stage of owning and living in your property open to disaster. Without proper and regular inspection, issues can arise unnoticed, problems can develop without detection and your property value and safety level could decrease without you even realising.

House survey

Home MOT

A home MOT is different.

This special kind of inspection service mirrors closely to a yearly car MOT. It allows for annual inspections to better take care of your property – meaning a healthier home and preserved/increased home value.

A home MOT acts the same as a house survey, but on a more regular basis for an affordable price. It involves a deep dive into your property to assess and inspect every corner of your home. This is to provide you with the most detailed report possible, outlining any concerns, developing issues, or possible dangers that need attention.

As a home MOT is a fairly new concept, it is not known by many. Here at the highly reviewed company House MOT, we’re determined to change that. Our specialised team of surveyors are passionate about helping the people of Britain take better care of their precious homes.

Why choose House MOT for my home MOT?

House MOT is the UK’s first virtual Home MOT specialist. When you choose a home MOT through us, you can expect exceptional service. Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals care about providing you with the most in-depth report available, in order to help you care for your property in the most effective way possible.

House MOT recoginse that many people do not have time to fit a yearly house inspection into their busy lives. Fortunately, House MOT has the answer to this.

Our specially designed technology allows us to conduct a full home MOT from your smartphone via the handy House MOT app. This gives our exceptionally skilled surveyors the ability to carry out inspections whenever is convenient to you, without us ever bothering you at your home. The assessment will take 20 minutes to complete. You are then free to continue on with your day, while we review the footage, complete a full report, have this reviewed by a member of the leadership team and get the results back to you. Our reports include all your home’s strengths and weaknesses, any cause for concerns and any underlying issues you may not be aware of. Your surveyor will then provide you with a follow-up call to help direct you to the best people to help fix your case.

House MOT wants to make home assessment easily accessible to increase the number of people caring for their homes the proper way. This is why, as well as making a home inspection fast and non-intrusive with the House MOT app, our prices are also fair and affordable for all.

house survey

Why is it important to have a yearly inspection?

A yearly inspection is the best way to keep on top of problems and catch potential and arising issues. Dangerous concerns such as dry rot, damp and structural issues can develop at any point during ownerhood. If left unattended, these issues can destroy your property and its value. Discovering these issues just before you sell your home is no help to you, and will certainly scare off potential buyers. Read our blog on the warning signs for these issues here!

A yearly home MOT will decrease the chances of pricey repairs down the line and saves you money in the long term. Treating a structural issue that’s 10 years old will be a heck of a lot more expensive than correcting the issue before it begins!

Start taking care of your home today

It’s important to take care of your property for the reasons highlighted above. Whether you opt for a house survey or a home MOT, your property will thank you.

If you’re interested in giving your home the attention it deserves, get in touch with House MOT here to learn more about our services.

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